Thursday, March 22, 2012


Dena's brother did go to the doctor. Good news is no cancer...Bad news is he may be killing himself with the Irish Virus. He needs to quit drinking or face a very unpleasant demise. Funny thing is you can be a heavy drinker and never be affected or be a moderate drinker and face major health problems. I do hope he will choose life and healing. We shall see.

I went for my check up and have been pronounced free to return to work next week and do whatever my body allows me to do. No more restrictions. Yay!!!

Dena is coming home today and while I managed to complete about 3 items on that to-do list I have been busy nonetheless. Let me explain...Dena does not care for my "surprises." You see she has known me long enough and is smart enough to know a "surprise"often means I got a wild hair up my ass, thought folks would not go along and became resolute in my quest to compete the work before anyone can stop me.

Dena and I agreed the old "entertainment center" needed to go but did not agree on how to go about replacing it. She nagged me until I gave in to the idea of purchasing another friends high quality, oak entertainment center sitting in her garage. This entertainment center is in the style you think of when someone says "entertainment center." In other words it would hold a fat tv or a slim tv. It will hold a big tv but not one the size Dena lusts after. I don't like the idea of paying money for an interim solution if it can be avoided. Plus the color doesn't match my room. Sadly I was the only one concerned with color...Happily I share that the men who were to move it dragged their feet long enough for me to have a brainstorm...And Dena was out of town long enough for me to implement my solution.

Mission accomplished.

Dear Dena, 
Please fall in love with my genius idea. I am awesome. I rock. Here's why:
  1. The wood matches the tables and has the same styling. 
  2. It will hold the tv that makes you go giddy. 
  3. It is high enough to kinda like its on the wall where you want a tv. 
  4. You can't see all the wires. 
  5. It holds all we need and more.
  6. It was free.
  7. It's an antique owned by my late Aunt Gwen
  8. KJ busted his ass helping his dad move it for me.
  9. It's all set up and the other one is still in a garage about 20 minutes away. 
  10. I like it.
Love, Lillian


  1. Anonymous3/22/2012

    That's fantastic news about both you and Dena's brother! She must be so relieved.

  2. I like it too, but I understand about being leery of surprises. Bing's last surprise to me was when she took off the heavy wooden front door and was in the process of stripping it of it's original wood glaze and replacing it with a color that was, in my opinion, ugly. are not fun at my house.

  3. Anonymous3/29/2012

    Good news about Dena's brother. Maybe he needs rehab to set him straight?

    About the letter to Dena, hawt sex makes all arguments easier to win ; )

  4. He def could use rehab but won't partake.

    Dena is not thrilled about my "entertainment center" but too crippled to do anything about it yet. ;)