Sunday, March 18, 2012


Dena's brother is on a roller coaster ride. He is having good hours and bad hours. Good days and bad days. I am so glad she is there with him. I know he is too. Yesterday he had a good day. They had lots of company and a mini party that lasted most of the day. I think it was the best therapy for both of them. No tears yesterday.

He has agreed to go to the Dr on Monday. She wants him to go for a "second opinion" in the hopes that he can at least accept some help with pain management. I hope to God and all that's holy he will comply. None of us are doctors and without some kind of professional assessment we don't know what to do other than be kind. Night before last was a bad night and he did reveal he has lots of pain all the time. He had denied it up until then. The key to selling this idea was that he had only seen one doctor, not gotten any treatment and since doctor's are human perhaps a mistake was made. Seems he's gotten quite heavy with a belly and his face is puffy. He can't hold anything down and falls down regularly. I hope it isn't cancer and that somehow he has imagined that's what he has.  I don't expect that's true but I sure would love to see him proven wrong in this case.

She has a few more days with him before she has to return to Virginia and he refuses to come even for a visit. She's not convinced he could make the trip but is still trying to convince him. If he won't I fully expect she will fly back and spend her recovery time with him after her hand surgery scheduled for a couple weeks out.

As we muddle through pray we get good guidance and make sound decisions please.

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  1. Anonymous3/20/2012

    I think you are making the absolute best decisions you can by having her spend as much time with him as she can. I really hope he agrees to see a doctor soon - that would relieve so much anxiety for the family. xoxo