Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back to that list...

Yesterday I managed to drop the kids at school, sit through a teacher conference and whip up a batch of gluten-free peanut butter cookies for a friend and fellow dog rescuer hero who graciously dropped by and clipped all the dog's nails for me. I feel healthy and happy but am clearly not healed...I'm quite sore and swollen today and have been sidelined to the couch so I can pick up the kiddos later. Quite frustrating I tell you. Seems it is normal to feel like you have a pointy tampon shoved in the wrong way when you overdo. Today I will lay down.

Resting sucks but I have managed to set up caller ID on my TV. Daytime TV sucks too but does prompt one to explore the settings. While I had no visions of Caller ID on my TV I would love to get through this list bit by bit before returning to work...Much of the manual labor will need to wait or be harnessed elsewhere but at least planning out the work is a step
  1. Plan out my Veggie and herb garden...I have the plan in mind and am thinking through plants now
  2. Create my "lawn care" calendar to improve the grass...Yeah, I pulled this offline but need to integrate it into a method I can easily follow
  3. Select and add in lavender to the front beds...I've had no luck in the past but would love a lavendar border so I'll figure out the best one to improve the odds this time
  4. Plan and bag up some smoothies & Crock pot meals for future use...cause walking into a freshly cooked meal after a long work day rocks
  5. Replace 3 ceiling is falling and 2 are ugly
  6. Replace about 6 outlet covers...most are chipped or painted, some are just ugly
  7. Install the new Laundry Room Light that has been sitting on the dryer for months now...Not sure I can manage this for awhile what with the ladder and stretching
  8. Re-screen my bedroom window
  9. Install new blinds in mine, my sons and my bathroom...cause 2 need it and one has been tossed out
  10. Get the house Powerwashed...I'll SO hire this one out
  11. Get estimates on repairing some boards on my deck that need it
  12. Schedule driveway sealing
  13. Plan my 2012 Objectives for work 
  14. Measure, Design and Plan the shelving unit I want to build in my room...In my head it's going to be awesome. In real life, we shall see. 
Do you have Spring Fever yet? I sure do! The time change is coming and the days are getting longer.

(I would say warmer but it snowed here Monday. It will be 70 on Thursday. Um, confused much Mother Nature?)


  1. Anonymous3/07/2012

    Damn girl, you have more energy just laying in bed than I have walking my fat ass around. I've found lavender works best in full/part sun. Dry dry dry soil. Don't put this near a rain gutter or any place where the soil gets saturated.

  2. Anonymous3/07/2012

    You really are feeling better - that is one ambitious list!

  3. That is quite a list there. How about you cut it back to just REST for a while? I do understand the feeling of being frustrated, though, and unable to do your routine. Once when I was really, really ill, Bing was encouraging me to just relax and I screamed at her, "I want my life back, damnit!" And I meant it. I wanted to be able to just empty the dishwasher, you know?

    Time heals. That probably made you want to throw a magazine at me.

  4. Nah, Maria. I did manage to get most of the supplies and replace a very few outlet covers but that's it. I dreamed up my garden but am not able to put the plan into action. I am frustrated but trying to listen to my body. :)