Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brought to you by Facebook...A year in review

This is a long one but I enjoyed it...and if you make it to the end there are pictures. 
  • Goopy eyes, sore throat...Thanks Z
  • Who knew compound fractures took over 6 weeks to heal?!? Not I!
  • Is proud of her pups all loose, playing and much for scary pibbles
  • Isn't killing Phil akin to shooting the messenger?
  • Cotton McLovin is officially HW negative
  • MMMMM...Galaxy Diner
  • Wonders if she is the only one who thinks taking a sled to work for the lunch hour is a fan-tab-u-lous idea
  • Learned 4 wheel drive does not mean you can go play in the weather...I broke my truck
  • Someone seriously pissed off Mother Nature. Now kiss & Make up
  • Had way too much caffeine to be sitting in a room all day
  • The train is barreling down the tracks...get on it or under it
  • Bit the dust, but in true Mommy fashion, didn't drop the puppy
  • Fail? Buying a door with a lever handle. The dogs can now come back in at will
  • Snow in VA? In March? Nooooooo!!!!
  • Poor doogies...I heard Z say "Piggy, are you ready for the Amazing Race?" I had to intervene
  • Is in need of fun
  • Some people think they are so friggin funny...Am I wrong to tell them they are clearly mistaken?
  • When you want to run screaming, just walk away ;)
  • There is always hope
  • Tooth fairy is coming to my house!
  • Yes, Z did look at her brother and say "I am not being sarcastic. I am being realistic."
  • Belle the foster Boston is in love...and sure as hell ain't wit me!
  • Netflix streaming! Yay!
  • Loves dirt therapy
  • Buttercup is being adopted! Yay!
  • Buttercup is being returned. Not her fault, but still...
  • Be the master of fiascos!
  • Really does wish the ice cream man would visit YOUR neighborhood! I'm sick of the music and it isn't even summer yet!
  • Is amazed at how seriously a 6 yr old takes the Care Bears
  • Is sooooo freakin glad summer has finally appeared!
  • Has a heart shaped freckle
  • Sent the iPod through the wash and it still works fine!
  • Is a shining example to her kids on why you should keep your room clean
  • Totally got punked by Dena's dog...but he's going to the vet today for sure
  • Likes the Dr much better when he doesn't find issues
  • Working at the kitchen table, letting the kids sleep in
  • Guinness has 9g of carbs and Dill Havarti none...Easy Dinner
  • Hates rainy days...they usually involve whiny, sassy pets and kids
  • Adoption stands are tiring...Butters and KJ are both out cold
  • Z is scared as a result of the car break-ins. :(
  • Bad Ass Dog broke my Pampered Chef roaster and the boy has Fifths Disease. Fun times I tell you. 
  • Money can't buy happiness but it can buy beer. Doesn't that make you happy?
  • Jazz Fest in the ATL!
  • The boy told me "You don't get by without smarts, Mom"
  • If one more child appears in my living room they are going down!
  • Roscoe completed heartworm treatment!
  • Damn Tooth Fairy fucked up again! Will she come tonight?
  • 7 yr old looks at the pinata and says "Mom, he's mocking me!"
  • Icing on my cake? Say it with me people...VAY-CA-SHUN!
  • Dena passed all her exams!
  • Veggie fest was awesome. Getting a black eye in the jumpy house - not so much.
  • Nephew says "No, that's a working callous. You get them when you work with your hands alot. I get them playing video games."
  • Flying solo means chocolate cake...It's what's for dinner
  • Knows why it rained...I forgot to turn off the sprinklers before heading out on the town
  • Z is playing cards with the dog and keeps telling me Layla is wining
  • Oh, Holy Hell! Another dentist escorted us out the door!
  • Thinking hard and wondering if the stars will align
  • My daughter tells me I smell like cupcakes
  • Who wants to buy my house?
  • Coffee, coffee, make me fast!
  • Strangely enough Charlie Brown is not a fan of Sprout. He likes Layla??? Sprout's feelings are crushed. 
  • Can't believe how stinkin cute Layla and Charlie Brown are together...2 years ago I never thought she'd be able to do this consistently but they are friends
  • Recently put all the leftover poptarts in the same box so it's kinda like playing lotto
  • According to a comedian on tv you are Gangsta if you're not afraid of pit bulls...guess I'm Hardcore!
  • Is leaving for Florida under the cover of night
  • Stupid children...wanting dinner when the ocean is right outside
  • Is proud of Layla for not eating Georgie when he tried to pick a fight
  • You can totally see invisible band-aids
  • The boy asked me why old people say "Cool Beans"
  • Remember the deer I saw and the cop that let me go? This time I saw a bunny and the bastard gave me the ticket. 
  • Painting for 6 hours makes one's feet hurt
  • Sam's Club is deceptive...I swore i needed all those groceries until it was time to bring them in 
  • Felt like I had to climb over 2 kids 15000 times to get out of the house today
  • Not one of the 22 homes on the market in my neighborhood have sold in the past 2 months
  • Silly dogs were super surprised and happy to find their Mommy working at home in e bed
  • Is a beyblade hater...for reals. 
  • Learned about silk PJ's from the boy today...the good ones come from China because we just don't have as many silkworms here
  • Gives such good back rubs I made a white boy quiver...Sprout loves his people. lol
  • Sweet baby cheezus, thank you for Cabot Vintage Cheddar!
  • Damn Old Man Winter! Go Away!
  • Best Monday Surprise? I forgot I have vacation starting Wednesday. :D
  • Holy crap! We're getting a baby!
  • Does not like waking to poopy puppy crates a spilled half-gallon of paint and yelling children
  • Knows there is always more than one way to skin a cat
  • Definition of sad? dog resting his chin on the top step, poking it though the baby gate and sighing.
  • Knows a REAL man NEVER hits a woman!
  • Knows her dogs have ADHD
  • Z came home with a seal cough
  • SPCA did a good job removing 2 golf ball sized cysts from Roscoe (along with his balls)
  • Flip Flops in November? SCORE!
  • Don't ever act sexist...Bitches hate that.  ;)
  • Is thankful her Dad is coming to Thanksgiving dinner and will make him anything he wants!
  • Had some great butt-sniffing tonight...go Layla! You've come a long way baby! Maybe someday Willow can sniff you too. 
  • Was all clever and shit shopping online last night. Now fresh coffee and Silk Pie for breakfast? After sleeping in? Life IS good!
  • Is not a fan of her son tonight. Can I have a Valium...For him.
  • OMG! Best quote of the day from the 7 yr old? "Stop messing with my social life! It's my private property!"
  • 10 yr old correctly told me a joke involving marijuana, wine and Mexicans. Time to talk. 
  • Didn't find grillin in the snow as much fun as when it was in the 80s
  • The naughty bulldog picked up the panless wire crate in his teeth. By the bottom bars, after bending them. And banged the crate up and down. Think he wanted out? 
  • Tried for Xmas photos in front of the tree...FAIL...though the dogs were better than the kids
  • Willow has an inquiry! Paws crossed!


    1. omg too cute for words! love the pics of the dogs and the tree!

    2. I love the Pop Tarts/Lotto line.. made me giggle. The pics are adorable!

    3. I see you keep your sofa covered...just like us. The bulldog sleeping there is a bonus.

    4. Thanks all. And yes, slipcovers help me stay sane and not go all cujo when the dogs and kids are messing up the furniture. Simply wash, recover...and then repeat. lol