Friday, December 17, 2010

What you might have heard, had you been in my kitchen

Last night:
Dena: What!?! You wanted to keep bees? Where? Why?
Lil: In a hive, Out back. They are good and we'd have fresh honey.
Dena: See, you need a farm. You like too many animals.
Lil: No, I want to live in the city. I don't have a hive so I just planted all the things they like and buy my honey at the Farmer's Market.

Dena: I didn't know you knit
Lil: Yeah, I was interested in it a while back so I decided to pick it up. I taught myself so I don't do the hard stuff. I'm doing a scarf for my niece. I try to hide my domestic skills as a general rule. ;)-
Dena: Amazing. You learn something new every day.


  1. Fresh honey would be awesome. Of course, I imagine I would get stung several hundred times in the harvesting process. Still thinking about actually doing that?

  2. Being allergic to their stings made me decide it might not be entirely practical. I'm not afraid of them but chose not to tempt the fates.