Saturday, February 16, 2013

Entrances and Exits

Well, let me share one of life's greatest joys with you...Puppy Breath

It really is good therapy  and  I was lucky enough to have two of these sweet babies (one at a time) in my home over the past 2 weeks.  

 This is Miss Katie Bug 

          And here is Henry.

They are such good babies and have been adopted into wonderful homes.  I miss my Layla with all my heart but once I rolled up my living room rug and vowed to be a potty-break nazi they were able to run and play safely with everyone! They had a blast here and I was happy to have them...except when they cried. Or they pooped. (but they are babies.) Their adopters each got wonderful dogs that were well on their way to being house-trained with sunny dispositions and no fear. (They are American Bulldogs in case you didn't know.)

They created a big set-back for Pierre though...He took to peeing and pooping in the house and found himself demoted to foster status (i.e. being crated every time I went out.) Overnight he decided that he's poop in the house while I WAS HOME and so now he's one rung lower on the ladder. He must be supervised. Like a puppy. I am not pleased but once he and I get our heads back on alignment regarding what it takes to be my dog I'm sure we'll be fine. I won't tolerate messes from one that knows better and doesn't have any medical issues.

So those puppies cried...and cried...and cried when crated. Jim, Dena's brother who was home with them all day,  thought it might be a good idea to put the 8 week baby out in the cold all day without any toys, or company, or a bed, or a coat so he could have peace and quiet. We talked about why that would not work...So then he though I might not mind if he let the baby have free run of the house. When I came home to pee and poop everywhere I was unhappy yet again...but I let it go. Know why? JIM HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!

When we arrived at the bus station with his pre-paid ticket an extra 20 minutes early, were told his bus had cancelled and that we could try again the next day, I had to use the words "you don't understand" and  "let's talk about how to solve this." I had to run after a greyhound bus but Jim has moved out of my house. The bus driver was totally pissed but I was willing to stand in front of the bus with wide-stretched arms to get him on board. I did get him on that bus. 

An approximately 800 pound weight has lifted from my home. His shenanigans have not stopped. He still calls and gets his sister all stirred up. I feel bad for her and for him. I am worried for him but you can't help one who does not want help and I don't have to live with him.

My kids could not be more awesome if they tried and I get to go on the youngest's field trip soon. My work is insane but awesome.And Dena is her normal crazy self. Today I welcome normalcy.

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  1. I well remember our puppy days with our dog, Socks. He clearly thought himself our alpha and resented me usurping his power. Now, he's a good pack dog. Knows that I am alpha and that my partner is omega....