Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh hell no! I'm not old yet!

Recently I discovered I had a few coarser, white hairs on my chin. You know I've been plucking those bee-otches and totally have it at my number one item of discussion for my annual check-up.

I'm over trying to grow out the hair...I have a few gray hairs near my partline and keeping up with them and the length I had made me look too grandma-ish. (I may be a Mimi but I will not be an old lady yet.) As I sat there bringing the pixie back the hairdresser I watched a good 5 inches of dark auburn hair slide down my magic cape. She offered to blow me out. I declined but she insisted due to the cold and promised not to charge on the styling. As I looked down I saw a small mass of blonde hairs. I was confused and wondered how the last lady's hair got there. Did it come from the blow dryer? No. That shit came from my head! And it was gray! While this may have all occurred in a nano second, my hairdresser laughed at me as I expressed pure shock at finding out how much was hiding in my head and left the salon shaken.

My hip has been hurting long enough that I finally gave and set an appointment with the orthopedist. And today I was told I have Bursitis. What the fuck? That sounds like old people shit and clearly I am not old. I was given a cortisone shot and told to return in 3 weeks. If not better PT is in the future...if that doesn't help I should suck it up and become accustomed to pain. That is SO not what I was expecting to hear.

I just turned 40 last year and this is not how I planned to experience the "new 30." This shit feels nothing like 30. Oh hell. Let's all just suck it up buttercup.

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  1. I just found your blog and i have to say lol.. that I was kind of told the same thing when I go to the doctor.. I get one of three things your over weight, you need to do PT so we can get more money out of you because you are stupid and will fall for it (i've done pt about 12 times already) or we don't see anything wrong with you. There was one doctor I saw that did an MRI and XRAYS that told me that I had a slip disc in my back and that would effect my hip all from an accident I was in. But all the rest of the doctors just tell me I am over weight. By the way I am almost 30 lol. (as for the hairs if you find a good way to get rid of them pass it along lol)

    Thanks for the great posts