Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zaria at the Zoo

I am Zaria and being featured as a guest blogger on Mom's page. 

Today I went to the zoo on a field trip. The zoo was very weird...
  • Especially when the giraffe pooped and it looked like rocks.  
  • The giraffe has a new baby sice I've been there and I'm sad to say the old tiger died .
  • When I paid 25 cents for a handful of food I only go 2 pellets. 
  • When I was throwing food into the Zebra Pen and I hit them...I almost hit a Rhino in the distance too. 
  • I loved the rope swing on the huge playground. I spent lots of time swinging. 
  • The slide was totally chaotic. The boys grabbed each other by the pants and threw eachother down. One boy got a busted lip but didn't even realize it. 
  • The boys kept talking about the freedom riders. 
  • When we got to the peacocks they were flying onto the gates and then out...They are free-range peacocks.
  • I really like blogging...
  • I was in a group with my best friend and we were holding hands almost the whole time. 
  • Finally, on the bus ride home me and friend made up a game called Spiders on the Roof where you count spiders by four's
I had a great day and asked Mom if we could go back again this weekend!


  1. Zaria would like you to know she is totally annoyed I left out the Giraffe Pee story. ;)

  2. Hi Zaria! I was just checking out your blog and just had a question. I was wondering if you could please email me back when you get the chance, thanks so much!

    - Emily