Monday, May 21, 2012

Satan's Spawn

That would be me.

I don't know if it happened when the dogs woke me grappling in a power match or when I blocked Pierre from jumping onto my laptop keyboard for the 5,000th time but he was hurt last night. Emotionally at least. He decided I was Satan's Spawn and would not touch him under any circumstances.
I went to force get him out of the cushy crate to go pee and he SCREAMED at me. At the top of his little bitty lungs. Like I touched him with a hot poker.  I talked to him and he SCREAMED some more. I reached out my hand and he very clearly warned me to BACK_THE_FUCK_OFF! We had to didn't mean to laugh at him. I thought, mistakenly, that chicken would make it all better so I offered him some. He tried to take my finger off.

Our Mexican Stand-off ended with me wearing heavy gloves, dropping a noosed leash around him neck and coaxing/pulling him out. He went to go pee with Dena and then ran to his girl. (He has claimed Zaria as his own.)

His show of bravado meant I did not fully believe he could sleep safely with the youngest member of our crew. I decided he had to sleep with us and we could see if he really and truly might be injured. He tucked up behind the girl and woke her by SCREAMING at me yet again. I ended up picking him up with a towel and letting him cuddle with Dena. He would have nothing to do with me. He SCREAMED at me if I looked at him. I was clearly in hit water.

This morning the SCREAMING had subsided but he still wouldn't "speak" to me.

This afternoon he trotted right up and greeted me. I have been forgiven. He is not hurt and as I type he is once again curled up with HIS girl. I don't know what sent him over the edge but I'm very glad he made the journey back.

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