Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

It's been a couple of months since I checked in here. Why you wonder?
  1. It's Summer so I can think of no good reason to be inside. 
  2. My work life is requiring I work more hours than are accounted for in my salary formula. 
  3. My personal life has been spinning out of control
How are you people?

I got sick in May and 5 visits and 2 specialists later I don't really have a plan yet. We're working on it...After Z-Pac, Steroids, Inhalers, Nasal Sprays and finally, a scoping of the sinuses (which is just as unpleasant as it sounds) they "discovered" I had a sinus infection deep in my head...I endured (and yes that is the right word) 2 weeks of a super strong anti-biotic I went in for allergy testing because I "look very allergic." The only thing that I reacted to was grass, oak, mold and cats. This is significantly better than any other time I've been tested which means I don't have to have allergy shots again (YAY!)  but I do get a cat scan next. Seems we will then consider the possibility of tubes for the ears or sinus surgery. More to come...

And my Dad? He got sick in July. He had what LOOKED like a seizure or a mini-stroke and was rushed to the ER on July 9th. They found no evidence of a seizure or stroke. He spiked a fever. They put him on antibiotics that did no good. They told us he was dying and should go into hospice. With a Durable DNR and his unresponsiveness they removed all meds, blamed everything on end-stage Parkinson's and gave us no hope. Then his arm got broken...No one seems to know how. Then they discharged him to a Nursing Home with a fever of 101. The didn't tell my mother about their appeals process and would not listen to her objections. She is now considering and attorney. After being in the Nursing Home for 2 days he was rushed to a different ER because his fever spiked again (it's been between 99 and 103 for a month now) where they cut off his cast which was too tight and turning his fingers blue, questioned whether the arm was really even broken and diagnosed him with pneumonia...He is now on 2 super antibiotics, finally got a catheter instead of bed pads, is getting ice packs each time his fever spikes and got a new cast while they work to figure out when and if his arm actually did get broken. Bizarre! He's better now than he's been in weeks and we don't know if or when he will recover but we do feel confident he is getting much better care. Needless to say this has been a tough month and consumed us emotionally.

Pierre got adopted. I went into shock when I got the call but the woman was so wonderful I couldn't not let him go...I got a call last night (she's had him 3 weeks) saying he may have to be returned for chasing and harassing the cat who was there 1st. I've given some training and behavioral advice and offered to come out and help her work with him. I told Dena who declared that if he gets returned he will never leave us again. He is truly loved here.

And while I adore my motorcycle I have learned that when it gets over 95 outside it's kinda like riding straight into a hairdryer. Not so much fun but luckily the heatwave has passed...The AC has broken, the toilet went out, and Dena is working far too many hours too.

But vacation is coming. A kid-free vacation. My hope is to totally checkout mentally and physically. All the kids are great. They are all healthy and happy and they will be well cared for while I'm gone. I hope my Dad is getting healthy by then too. Time will tell.

I hope you are all having a less eventful summer than us and I hope to check in more frequently. Cheers! Time for a beer!

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  1. Wow. I have no words to offer that could adequately console or empathize with what you have endured. Just thankful that you, and your Dad, have made it through.

    Will send up prayers in your names and tons of light and positive energy your way. Hoping you have an awesome vacay, Girl!!