Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big news...To me anyway

It's been such a busy year. I don't think I could even begin to tell you all the news! I do have one tidbit to share...April 19th was a big day for a few reasons but we're only here to talk about one today.

I insisted that Dena meet me for Happy Hour after work. It was her first excursion out since her surgeries. We had a blast.  I enjoyed meeting friends and I think she may have gotten a better  understanding of what I do all day. The kids think I just go to boring meetings all day, which is occasionally true.

Once we got home I let the dogs out and she wanted to open a bottle of wine to share for my birthday on the deck. I insisted that since I'd had beer I did not want to switch so she could bring me that instead. She never had me block off any time for my birthday and we had a pseudo-party planned for Saturday at Legend Brewery so I wasn't concerned about drinking wine or celebrating beyond chilling together on the deck.

But let us move on...Dena went on to tell me how much I drive her crazy and had ruined every single secret-squirrel plan she tried to lay out for my birthday. Had I known I would not have but again, secret-squirrel is the key word here. She told me she loved me and wanted to spend the rest of time with me even though I make it completely impossible to plan a surprise party or outing. Then she proposed. I said yes. We don't have a date or a plan and can't marry in VA anyway but I do have a very pretty ring, a lifetime of commitment and time for us to figure it out.


  1. Congratulations! That is so wonderful! I am very happy for you both. And hey, if you can't make it legal in VA, you can always take a little get trip to New England! Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

  2. That's super news!!! Well, not the "not being able to marry in Virginia" part, but the "having someone love you so much and wanting to share the rest of life with you" part. Congrats to you both!

  3. Anonymous5/20/2012

    Congratulations!!! What an exciting time for you ladies!

  4. Congrats you two!! That's great news!!!! :) And maybe you'll be able to in MD in January :)

  5. WONDERFUL NEWS! Congratulations!!! And it doesn't matter where they say the paper is legal...married is married even without the consent of those non-progressive people! :)

  6. Anonymous5/23/2012

    OH WOW!!! Congratulations! That is such amazing news & I'm very, very happy for you.