Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Introducing Pierre

I'm still hurting and making minimal if any headway on my list. I missed fostering and with my limitations I figured I'd look around and see if there was a little who needed help. I've never had such a small dog in my house. Ever. If I was to foster, I needed a little because I'm not supposed to lift "stuff" and cant handle a dog pulling on me. I trolled the local kill shelters online and found Pierre.

He belonged originally to a hoarder out west and ended up at Richmond Animal Care and Control in 2008. No one would adopt him so he went to the Richmond SPCA and did get a family. He was dumped back at RACC. Cue my entrance.

They had 2 littles. One was "wild and crazy" and Pierre was confident and perky. He is missing hair and was quite dirty but delightful enough that even Layla kinds liked him. He came home with me.

He's been to pick up the kids, to softball practice,  an adoption stand and even Hair Cuttery while Z got her hair trimmed. He IS a good boy! He's not had one accident in the house, adores the children and has no trouble hanging with the big dogs. He likes the kiity and has rubbed all over and danced for her. The woman who dropped him at the shelter has enough of a reputation (adopting from the SPCA then surrendering the same dog to Animal Control)that she has been put on the Do-Not-Adopt list.

We adore this little guy and want him to be quickly adopted!If he stays too long we might be in trouble. :)

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  1. What a cutie and he has one fine tail too. :) I just love that attitude he gives off.

    My latest addition: a nearly 12 yo blind chin left with 2 other dogs and 2 cats in a foreclosed home. My house is full but what do you do when you get those emergency calls?