Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I want raised beds this year...

On my quest for better health and lower food bills I want to create raised garden beds this year. I hope I'm healthy enough in time...Or that Dena can be coerced into manual labor.

Sitting on one's ass while healing makes one more conscious of calories and provides plenty of thinking/planning time.  A garden is one of the fantasy items I am focusing on bringing to reality. I'll share the list of "Shit I want to do" soon but just know you may get tired reading it...which in turn significantly decreases the probability  of completing it while out of work by the way.

Here are the steps I'm planning out.

  1. Mark out 3x6 areas and remove all the grass/weeds
  2. Fence off a small area in the yard to start composting since I'm juicing too
  3. Dig a trench to put in the boards about half way into the soil to allow for drainage and stability - I'll go for cedar to hopefully keep bad bugs away
  4. Put down landscape fabric or hardware cloth 'cause a bitch hates weeds
  5.  Totally snag this corner post idea and make my box...but make it a bit taller, like with 2 sets of 2x6's
  6. Put one more set of boards along the top to sit/lean on and drill them in to hide those corner posts and anchor them
  7. Fill it in with my organic soil mix...and invest in an order of DE well in advance of the pests
  8. Steal the trellis from my roses for beans and train the rose to the fence
Now to figure out a good plant and rotate scheme to take advantage of good plant marriage and not leach the soil over time.

Oh, and I better start working on Dena soon to get this done!

Oh, and we'll need to start seedlings!

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