Thursday, February 16, 2012

What a Surprise

I was so not prepared for the pain I'd experience with my hysterectomy. I reasoned out that it should be similar to a c-section and having had 2 of those, I'd be just fine. I came to in my room with a morphine pump that did not take the pain. I was moaning and asking for relief I could not find. We settled on a heating pad, changing positions frequently and additional narcotics being shot into the IV.

My veins weakened and started leaking in the night so after one last shot so the good stuff they took out the IV since my hand was swelling. They had to waken me several times because I was "forgetting to breathe." Fortunately (I think) I'd sent Dena home to sleep and care for the dogs so she missed out on that.

As they took out the IV they started me on Percocet. I knew either Percocet or Vicodin was bad but had no memory of which. It's Percocet. By the time Dena arrived I'd already had 2 and was crying myself to sleep. She did have them stop it right away and switch over to Vicodin.

I got the cath out, walked a bit, showered and they sent me home. Honestly? I could have used another day in the hospital but wanted to come home.I'm still in lots of pain and popping pills every 3 hours. I take my pills, go potty, walk a little and do my coughing exercises, sleep and repeat.

They found adenmyosis, endemetriosis, scar tissue and a cyst which was all removed in addition to my uterus and cervix. My abdomen is swollen like I'm pregnant and I feel bruised from head to toe. I broke a blood vessel in my eye coughing too so I'm sure I'm very pretty.

Dena has been a prize through it all. And my best friend is coming over to help out when she has to go back to work tomorrow. My sister came to visit today.

I now understand why my Doctor wrote me out for 6 weeks of work. I'm not at all pleased about that but may be forced to accept it. Time will tell.


  1. Anonymous2/16/2012

    I'm so sorry girl. I can't imagine having a hysterectomy. Even though I'm done having would be a very emotional thing let alone the physical.

  2. When I take care of the hyst at work much of the pain is gas pain. To see what they are doing the docs pump you full of air, if it is a vaghyst that is. Once you start passing gas the pain will get better.

    I do hope that you get better soon.