Saturday, August 6, 2011

Move On Black Cloud

This has been a horrible, rotten, terrible week or so. It's a bit of a blur. It started small and isn't over yet.

I began by dropping a pan on my glass to stove and breaking it all to hell, then the dryer broke. We'd already signed up for fixing the floors and the 1st crew messed up the one-day job over 2 days time...They are sending me a new crew Sunday to rip it all out and start over. This is all bad stuff but it does not even compare to death.

My Aunt Ginny had cancer and has been fighting it for some time. She died last week. She's an awesome woman and always wonderful to everyone. I was surprised to meet folks who knew who I was because she talked about me. I had no idea and no expectation that she would.

Her son, my cousin Ralph preached at her funeral last Saturday and at his church on Sunday. He went into sickle cell crisis and was admitted Sunday night. He then went into cardiac arrest and organ failure and passed away Wednesday. It was awful. Not because he wasn't in peace but because no one should lose 2 people in one week. I am terribly upset of course but my heart is breaking for his sister, my cousin Renee.

While we up there his nephew went into crisis too. I left them and went down to the ER to look after DJ until someone else took over.  He needed a "mommy" and his was busy with her brother. He's still in the hospital but looking better each day. I took cards and a book down with me yesterday and he wanted to play but isn't up to it yet. Hopefully he will get out next week.

And true to crazy, my foster puppy was admitted to the ER while I was at MCV with Ralph and DJ. Thankfully I left Chantal home because the baby (and her) don't need extra stress right now and I thank God I did.  She and Dena handled getting him an emergency vet appointment as puss oozed out of his tiny body. He seems to have a compromised immune system and developed a BAD secondary infection. He's on strong antibiotics 3x a day plus a surgical wash bath daily for now.

And it just keeps going...another relative had a bad sugar drop yesterday and was admitted too. They need to watch her because she is a dialysis patient. No one family should have to deal with all this in one week's time

We'll have the funeral next Saturday. I know it's a long time to wait to bury someone but it's important that the people who matter most to Ralph can be there.

Life can be so hard. 

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  1. Anonymous8/07/2011

    Oh my God honey. I am so sorry about your family and four legged family members. Try and plow through this while keeping your sanity (unlike myself who would be rocking in a corner).