Monday, July 25, 2011


When the kids came home we agreed to watch Pit Boss. This has to be recorded regularly as the boy is a HUGE fan. They were airing the episode shot in Denver talking about BSL and he was outraged. He plans to do a petition to pass around at our next large adoption event and felt good to know that Shorty had been involved in the lawsuit to re-allow pits to serve as service dogs. When the family gave up their pet and cried at being left my daughter cried. We've seen pups cry for their family when left and I often think only those in rescue often do.

Somehow Jovie came up. I was bitching about her need for surgery and where are we going to put all the dogs and who could take who and so on and so forth. You see, one couple needs a break, one family is moving to Florida, one is dropping a baby any second, someone's real-live human mom is dying We are seriously hurting for foster homes and the kids listened in as I was on the phone trying to figure out where in the hell we are going to put 3 puppies, 3 adults + 1 juvenile who is being returned....

Anyway, KJ picked up on and was immediately alarmed that Jovie needs knee surgery and wanted to know what we are doing. I explained the donation jars, the online chip and mentioned our grant application. I was explaining it was the same surgery Sprout had the 2nd go-round so she would be ok...He was in tears. He knows Jovie and loves her. He stopped me while I was reassuring him and said, "Hold on, Mom."

He RAN to his room and brought me $10.

It was his allowance he has been saving and said, "Here. Use this to help with Jovie's surgery. She needs it more than I do." Damn that boy is sweet! (And yes, he made me cry.) His sister kicked in $5 too. So we are $15 closer to her surgery and by hart is at least 15x bigger with pride.

Damn I love them more and more every single day.

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