Sunday, August 21, 2011

Days and counting...

In just days I will be heading to put my ass in the sand.


God Bless the Ocean!

In the meantime I'm seeing lots of grasshoppers as fall approaches.

That baby better NOT come early. Why? "Cause I said so...I have vacation to attend to.

I have also come to the realization that I am not a fan of little league football...Seems I've been whining to anyone who will listen that I miss my children. When I take them to the beach they will be stuck with me for days and I won't have to share. So NYAH!

Football requires 6 day a week practices and since I don't count watching practice as quality time with my boy (for me anyway) he generally goes with his dad (since dad IS the coach and all it makes sense, no?) The girl devotes 2 days a week to cheering on the days she is with her dad anyway so I'm getting time in with her...but I still miss my boy, dammit. When he is home he is busy...sigh...with other 10 yr old boys and not his mommy.

But on a lighter (or not) Note the eldest has moved to the grandparents. She has more room, we have more room and hopefully (just maybe) she will get a small taste of what it COULD be like to have her own place. She still needs a job and is struggling there. I've helped her get all her nursery furniture together and now she thinks she may be ready for nesting.

I cried like a baby the day I moved her. Dena pointed out she would only 15 minutes away and still with family. I cried more. She asked if I wanted her to stay. I said no, she has to grow up...And now we chat daily, I see her several times a week and my house is cleaner than it has been in years. Who knew?

And Oz is still here. He is MUCH better, still worships Sprout and has Zero apps. Two inquiries but no apps. He is enjoying the one day a week I take him to football for walks and I plan for him to go to every game and be pimped out on the visiting side each week...Hopefully he will have a home soon. Like before my grandbaby gets here in 5 weeks. SMILE

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  1. Beach, the great healer! I think you've earned it, Girl. Enjoy your vacay.