Friday, August 26, 2011

Fires, Earthquakes & Hurricaines. Oh my!

So the Dismal Swamp has been on fire fo-evah now since August 4th and a-large-collective-we are hoping the hurricane will put the fire out. There's been no trouble here except for the occasional smoke smell and hazy days.

You know we had an earthquake on the 23rd too right? People up and down the east coast felt it but I work less than 30 miles from the epicenter so we felt it for realz...I was coming out of a meeting and we stood around looking at each other watching the lights sway. I thought it was fuckin awesome. Apparently lots of folks didn't. We evacuated and hung out socializing in the parking lot until they decided the building was safe and sent us all home. Someone must have realized earthquakes come with aftershocks so the closed and sent us home shortly thereafter. There were mad jokes about taking turns using our cell phones (as in "no it's my turn...quick jump in") and locusts coming and 1st born sons. I had fun.

As we learn of actual damage it's not quite as funny maybe. I mean really? Who would get earthquake insurance here? That means there is a lot of work to be done with no insurance company to foot the bill and the Louisa High School is closed with kids worrying about how they will adapt. They'll be fine (we all will) and I for one am still glad I got to experience it. That's a pic of damage to their City Hall.

And now we brace for Irene...That cunt has been to way more beaches than I this year fo' damn sure. I remember Gaston and Isabelle all too well so what did/am I do to prepare?
  • picked up all loose stuff in the yard
  • did NOT go grocery shopping for refrigerator stuff
  • Filled the car with gas (cause you can't buy any when the power is out)
  • will charge my phone and laptop
  • gather my candles and put batteries in the radio if needed
  • added more chlorine to the pool
  • turn on a lamp (so if we lose power we will notice when it comes back on
  • and unplug most other electronics so they can't get fried
  • fill the tub (cause boiling water for drinking on a grill sucks)
  • ensured I have propane in the grill
Is it end times? I don't think so. If it is can we please wait until after I go to the beach on vacation?

Bring on the Rapture jokes people...we are primed for them in VA I do believe.


  1. Anonymous8/26/2011

    First I smiled out loud (seeing the word cunt has that affect on me) and then I laughed out loud at the picture of the lawn chair. Too, too funny.

  2. Anonymous8/26/2011

    We have been glued to the t.v. all afternoon. Being 20 miles from the ocean and my beloved Asbury Park I am trying to not worry about damages and losing power. If I don't have a.c......I will need to check myself into a psych ward just for the cool air.

  3. I couldn't say it any better than greg did! Be safe, my friend.