Wednesday, June 1, 2011

That's so ghetto!

Just the other day I was in several conversations that made me glad I don't live in a neighborhood with covenants. It seems I know folks who are actually worried about their tomato plants growing too tall and can not hold a yard sale at their own home...And while I may have known they live with color codes and fence restrictions I had no idea their tomato plant height was restricted too.

I thought no more of this until today on the ride home. As we drove up the street we saw 3 girls hanging out outside in beach towels...The boy called them stupid and the girl declared them ghetto (nevermind that they would do the same.) "Ghetto" seems to have become a resurrected label at our house (sigh.) Some other things the girl noticed and called out on the way home included the neighbor with the boxing bag on the front porch, the people that have not yet taken in their snowman decoration and the kids weighting down their basketball hoop with miscellaneous bricks.

The boy defended the neighborhood at every turn saying things like, "maybe they want to remember the snow" and "what is they don't have room to hang a boxing bag in the house. The girl was having none of it.

Can we say diva?


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  2. Maybe he should be a lawyer! He can argue sense into anything!