Monday, June 6, 2011

I Stand in Amazement

I started this great post with "OMG! Diamond got adopted" but now have to edit before posting so I can retract that statement. The awesome family who adoted Charlie Brown from me was in town to pick him up after a week of pet sitting here in town. I took Diamond over to meet them and she really loved Charlie Brown so they took her home.

She forgot to take off her sassy pants so they were ready to return her less than 24 hours later. Seems she ignored them, would not stop trying to get the dog to play with her and refused to listen to them (totally played deaf.) I left the post title the same though because it still applies...She was so freakin happy to see me when she got back it was ri-donk-u-lous and she was actually better behaved at our house yesterday. Maybe it did her some good anyway. Couple that with the doggie daycare she gets to do a couple time a week for a few weeks courtesy of a generous donor and perhaps she'll truly be ready soon...I felt a little bad for the woman returning her. She wanted her badly but Diamond would not even tell her good-bye. She averted her head.

Diamond will be out at the next adoption stand we have on Saturday...If you want to see how we roll here is some footage from last month: MRPS April Adoption Event

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