Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer, Summer-time

Today is the last day of the regular season for us! Just this week KJ got an RBI (I'm told that's the official term) and helped his team win the game and then he hit an inside the park home run (they scored 4 runs on that one)! The girls? Well, that's really just a comedy of errors if you ask me.

You know, I go into work and talk about their games (and at least one person was a big softball player) and as I say what I witnessed I get the oddest looks. Then I have to break it down. It seems years of listening to my Dad spout stats and watch the game did not teach me nearly as much as I thought and not having ever played sports I tend to be more amazed by the team dynamics than the game.  I do enjoy it though and am proud of my kiddos.

Playoffs begin next week for the boy, as does the last week of school and then we are "off" for 6 weeks! No homework. No practices. No games. Anywhere. And I for one can't wait. When they are with their Dad, they will be with their Dad. And when they are with me we will be grilling and chillin in the pool. They will have time again to play with their neighborhood friends. We can go to stuff like the Vegetarian Festival and adoption stands won't involve at least 4 car trips.

Damn, I love summer!

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  1. Hurray for summer! Let the swimming and grilling begin!