Thursday, June 16, 2011

Puppy Love

I had the good fortune to pick up these lovely ladies after being fixed yesterday at PALs. They are an awesome organization and the girls came through just fine. Lucky for me they needed some "babysitting" and I hit that lotto number.

Miss Polly is about a year old and has warmed to all the people already...She's made friends with Roscoe and Sprout and didn't even set Miss Pig off. (You can totally adopt her through Odessa Rescue.)

And little Miss Wilma Grace is a tiny 8 week old baby! She smells the best, is totally confident and snuggly and had no trouble hanging with the big dogs. She's already got an app but Natasha, Brooke and Geronimo (her siblings) are still up for adoption...Their Mommy came to us 2 days before giving birth and did a GREAT job raising her munchkins.

The children were THRILLED to see me arrive at their school with not ONE but TWO puppies and so we spent the afternoon on the deck...Wilma figured out the kong and wrapped everyone around her little paws. Polly wasn't feeling the best yet but enjoyed all the people and pups. I got my puppy fix, the kids got to swim and my friend go the benefit of showing up to dinner...For your delight, I bring you snuggle-icious-love!


  1. What sweet "little" puppies! Aren't you lucky to get to babysit. :)

  2. Anonymous6/17/2011

    I love to look at, play with and watch puppies....but I do not long for one in my house. I'll live vicariously.

  3. Anonymous6/17/2011

    They are SO cute! I am all awwwwed out. :)

  4. Anonymous6/21/2011

    Seriously adorable :)