Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why that Donate Page?

I work with Odessa Rescue and Rehabilitation and signed us for donated Karunda Dog beds. (They are the pibble-proof tough kind.)

Why would I put it on my blog? Hell, you might like me and be looking for a way to help a foster dog.

In case you were wondering who your bed might go to if you were to donate one, here are some of the dogs we have up for adoption...You'll notice 2 "honorary dogs in there too by the way. We don't discriminate.  :D


  1. Our dogs will love you for it!!!!! Go LILLIAN!

  2. They are all gorgeous!
    I love the look of the bully breeds. So I wonder how I ended up with all these little chins.

  3. Thanks...We love em all. Especially that (last one) Miss Scooty-pants. She'll likely be a forever foster but is so damn great none of really care. :)

  4. Oh man I just fell for that rottie. I never could resist them.