Monday, April 11, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

I am fortunate to work for a company that embraces Flexible Work Arrangements...and I loved mine. You see, I'd scoot out the door at 3pm on Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday to go find my little people and attend to homework, dinner and more. I gave it up temporarily due to the project I'm on. This makes me sad.

I switched the kids from morning daycare to after-school care and they LOVE it. They sleep in every morning (despite the fact that they are still in bed before 830 or 9), they get homework done at daycare and have even raved to their grandparents about all the way cool stuff they get to do since they are now part of the afternoon crew. It's costing me more money and making dinner harder. I don't think I like it.  Hmmmm....

Now Base/Soft - ball season has started and I think that makes me sad too. It shouldn't, but I spent over 10 hours of my short little weekend dedicated to the sport. To occupy some of that time I cleaned out my car, walked a dog, got some reading done, went grocery shopping, sat and watched a bit and who knows what else. Dena asked why I don't just drop them off? Well, I already commute 70 miles per day to go to work during the week. I don't want to do 120 on the weekend for sports...The sick silver lining is that they go to dad's next weekend. With games having started I should cut next weekends hours in half. Come ON June!

I went to an adoption stand with Diamond too. Over 200 dogs were there and over 50 apps came in. None for her though. Poor girl. She is a beauty and needs her home. Folks are intimidated by her looks (and I know this because they said so, not because I inferred it) so she needs a real Staffy person I think.

I'm swapping her for Scout because she can't integrate with Layla. Diamond has the opportunity to go integrate where she can be crated less of the time and get more attention. Dena has done great with her but I think this might be good for her and honestly, she sasses me all the time. I don't think Brenda will tolerate that and will have time to work on it. Poor Scout is very reactive/selective and can't be integrated either - but at least I know it. And she is cute and sweet as a bug's ear with people. She was friends with Roscoe when here and I think he's about the only dog she's never reacted badly to. Coming from a home with a larger pack should mean she gets more free time too because while she will be on a rotation we only do one rotation at my house. Added benefit for Diamond is she gets seen more at events...Ball season is cutting into my time quite a bit but I can work apps while I sit on the ball field.

Wish me luck while I juggles it all.

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  1. Isn't that just how these things go? The kids like the new arrangement and you hate it.
    Wishing you sanity as you juggle everything.