Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today I am sad...

Lord help me...I'm going to let Smoosh go. I am totally smitten with the little terrorist but it's best he find another home. It continues to go badly with Roscoe and irrespective of that I can't foster if I keep him.

I have 5 dogs here now and it's too much for me. They are all good dogs but 2 hold my heart and will never leave. Roscoe and I are "fighting" now but he still needs to be here and Dena loves him with all her heart and I hold 4 to be my official max.

Perhaps if I didn't work full time 35 miles away? Perhaps if I still didn't have 3 kids at home? Who knows? I do know if Roscoe wasn't here, Smoosh would never leave. It sucks. I hate it and yet I have to do the right thing.

He will go up on our Petfinder page shortly through Odessa Rescue and Rehab. He needs a home without small kids or cats. He'd be very happy as an only dog but could go with a female or submissive male. He needs dog-savvy people with some Bully experience. In that environment, he should be a shining star for the rest of his life.


  1. You know you are doing the right thing...but MAN, I know it is TOUGH! Keeping ya in my thoughts!

  2. This must be so hard. You have helped so many animals and I'm sure you would be keeping him if you thought it could work. Please don't be too hard on yourself.

  3. Anonymous12/18/2010

    I give you so much credit for doing what you do and I can completely understand how sad it can make you. Letting go is never easy.

    Btw, my computer at work will not allow me to comment on your site lately but I've been reading every post. :)