Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oooh...pretty light

Yep, the one above my head. I was asked to bring Sylvester to the adoption stand because we knew full-well he would generate attention. Throw that in with 2 litters of puppies and a fairly heavily advertised event and you WILL be busy. Adoption stands are a lot like work but you typically get to catch up with one another, look at the other booths, grab lunch and not worry about having to go pee. Yesterday did not go down like that at all. I hauled out my 2 fosters, their crates, treats, decorations for the stand, blankets and a snack for me...Other folks hauled out way more than me. We set up and ran non-stop for about 5 hours but we may have homes for all 15 puppies and 2 or 3 adults dogs. We actually ran out of apps. This is especially good as the rescue has had plenty of vet bills and needs more funds....Funny how folks think $250 is cheap for a puppy or purebred dog but just exorbitant for any other...No matter that they've all been fixed, microchipped, had their shots and where needed surgery, mange heartworm or some other treatment.  How did my guys do?

Willow got to wear a beautiful warm coat that looks like a horse blanket perhaps. She was beautifully behaved and walked by several folks. As people came looking for a genuine honest-to-goodness family dog I talked about her...35lbs, worships kids, likes dogs, doesn't chase cats, wont grow any more but at about 1 yr old is still a puppy. No one was interested in her. Too bad she's being overlooked but I think she's too bully to be a whippet and not bully enough for the pittie folks.

Sylester brought out all the crazies. I seemed to meet 3 types of people...
  1. Never seen one in real life...not interested in adopting, just learning
  2. Grew up with one, he/she was a great dog, Why is one in rescue?...not interested in adopting
  3. Others...Do you know how much that dog is worth? What do I have to do to take him home today? How much to buy him? We thought it would be nice to take in an abused dog and we can freeze our's sperm for use later.
I do think he got a ton of apps yesterday. The other group that has a couple took them off the web site due to being flooded with apps. They have to have time to process them and honestly none of them are ready yet anyway. I was polite to all of them but there were some I didn't even want to talk to. And folks followed us around. Like stalkers.

He did very well overall. He broke the zip ties I had on one crate while I set up the table and one volunteer who gives a correction for barking in the crate by banging on the crate (and treating for quiet) didn't know he would then want to bite her...I spent the day keeping him out of the crate but I let him enter any empty one he chose. He was very good to all the people except the woman who walked up behind me with a clicky camera to do a photo shoot...she kneeled down, leaned in and started clicking. He lunged. Can't blame him too much on that one.

And as I talked with friends about how my Smoosh is doing and the issues I'm facing with Roscoe I had the light bulb moment...Dena moved in back in the spring with him and in all that time I've only had females or puppies come through. Perhaps it's just a "male invading my space" thing. OMG! Maybe? I am till going to get his thyroid levels checked but will try approaching it from that side now...Cross your fingers!

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  1. Anonymous12/15/2010

    I have issues when men invade my space too ; )