Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pissed doesn't even cover it

I know an awesome trainer here in town and have hired and consulted with her on numerous occasions. I want to hire her for a fellow rescuer who needs help with her "bad" little dog but that will have to wait. Money is just entirely too tight this season.

I recently asked her advice on moving my kitty, Genghis Khan back into the house. He used to live inside but Sprout decided kitties are yummy. Even without catchup or BBQ sauce and so the kitty moved outdoors. My family wouldn't take him in so he has been living outside. Winter is coming and he was always an indoor cat so I steeled myself for battle and have gone to war.

We began by installing a baby gate over a month ago at the top of the stairs and only allowing the dogs up when invited. Then followed up recently with putting the dog beds out front for Genghis to lay on and bringing them indoors to be smelled at leisure. The beds went into the crate and only faced a minor chewing.

When the dogs were "out and about" I brought kitty indoors. His nerves were just about shot. He watched for dogs every second...You see, I think his fear makes him a target and all the more yummy because they don't eat with my bad kitty. She commands respect.

Once Kitty settled in a bit he got to meet Layla who "loves her kitty" and Roscoe who lived with and adored his kitty too. Sprout was clearly not invited.

When Genghis went out for the day Sprout was invited up. He check ed the litter box, he sniffed the beds, tipped over the food bowls (empty of course) and figured out exactly where his snack had been hanging out. When the kitty came back in he was no longer invited upstairs.

Then it happened.

Sprout had had just about enough and needed to voice his displeasure.

That rat-bastard came up the steps and was denied entry.




I love my dog but this was a bit much. I kid you not, there were swirly twirly dribbles the whole way down. And then we proceeded, not to cock his leg, but to stick out his pelvis and piss all over the bottom step!

I caught him in the act. I ran down the stairs screaming at him. I chased his sorry ass out of the house. I scrubbed the stairs.

We have since kissed and made up so to speak. He snuggled with me all evening on the couch and insisted on being a lap dog. I think and hope that will never happen again, but then again, we are at war so we shall see.


  1. Anonymous11/04/2010

    That's just all kinds of bad...and gross. Yesterday my kittens decided to knock over a plant and take all the dirt out of the pot. There was dirt all over the floor & rug and awful to clean up. But it wasn't urine and for that I'm happy.

  2. It sounded like such a great plan until the pee pee incident. Well, if it's any consolation, I woke up in a bed wet with Yorkie pee this morning. I understand your frustration. Dogs sure have a way of letting us know how they feel. Hope there are not a lot of stains and that this doesn't happen again.