Saturday, October 30, 2010

TEN Years ago...

Ten years ago today I was pregnant, for a little while. My little big boy was all squished in my belly sideways and was delivered via c-section. They had tried to turn him to no avail - and I don't really recommend going through that pain. Imagine 2 people pushing on your belly with all their might leaving you sore, black and blue.Literally. - and though I tried hard to have him scheduled on Halloween, my selfish doctor had that day off. I figured having already delivered his sister on the 4th of July he was entitled to a cool holiday too.

I went to the hospital early in the morning to be monitored for awhile prior to getting a spinal, which feels remarkably like a bee sting in your spine. Slice and dice and there he was. A beautifully upset little boy. The pain and recovery were not fun but he was worth it all.

I stayed home for 3 months and my days consisted of nursing, changing diapers and figuring out how to put him down long enough to shower. As I got that down and learned to sleep when he did we took many, many walks out in the brisk fall air.

Today he is ten years old and the time has, quite frankly, flown by. He is an honor roll student, starting center on his football team, he loves learning, animals, and both of his sisters (most days.) He is thoughtful and generous and has a sweet soul. He is creative and kind. He tells the truth at least 90% of the time - even when it's really hard. I love him with all my heart and sould and hope he meets with all the luck, love and success his world has to offer. 

Happy Birthday, Baby!


  1. Anonymous10/31/2010

    Happy 10th Birthday!! What a cool day to be born.