Friday, October 29, 2010

Ramble on

I forgot to tell you...Lennox was adopted. He was only here about 2 weeks but won't be too missed. You see, Dena felt sorry for the little furball and slept on the couch one night with him on her chest. Ruined him. Completely. I couldn't understand the next evening why he would not stop crying and yelling to get out of the crate. That is until she came clean. Funny, she's so good on the "tough love" with our pets but never with the fosters. And Roscoe got a nasty infection. He had to get many big horse pills but seems to be feeling better.

Bad phone call this week? "The sink is leaking. Don't panic but it's pouring everywhere." Um, yeah. Seems the entire drain came unattached. It is now fixed and I have had a shiny new faucet and handles installed. It now works AND it's pretty.

The boy turns 10 tomorrow. Had to believe that handsome guy has been around for a decade now!

And today I work. But snuggly under the covers with coffee and dogs all around. Yay me!


  1. glad the pup got adopted....sad I never got puppy kisses though.

    It's a big no,no in my house to spoil pups, especially at night! Though I am sure the roomies have cheated...

    I am working from home today too! So fun, but pretty sure I am not being very efficient!

  2. Thanks for visiting and joining up with Silverwalk. Uncle - I spoil everyone all the time; this afternoon, I took two short naps, one with a senior Beagle/Basset on my lap and the second with a 10 month old Coonhound; man, I need to get him weighed. Am trying to be more disciplined but a lot of that will be up to the adopter homes :). Everyone can sit and wait for their meal, though! Lennox's photo is cute and yes, I did indeed know your meaning of rabbit from when I lived and drove in MT. Have a great weekend!