Sunday, October 24, 2010

Say what you will...

I know I haven't been here but let me assure you I have been too busy to breathe...Remember the Chip In event held for Roscoe? We did it!

It took for-fuckin'-ever but he can now be declared healthy, happy and fully vetted. They made me wait an extra month for his shots and neutering since he was just getting past Lyme disease and heartworm treatment and then didn't have an appointment for another month. He went this week. Poor baby got neutered, all his shots and 2 golfball size cycts removed. You can see he was pretty well sliced and diced. And while the Chip In did not cover all the expenses it went a long way towards helping get him the care he needed. THANK YOU! He's not real grateful at the moment, but we are.

In other news football continues to suck the life out of me. We had exhibition last week and the girls were awesome. It's the 1st year cheering for many and Miss Z wants to stick with it. And the boys made it to the playoffs! We start sudden elimination games next week and are in 4th place starting out.

It's birthday time around here too...2 kids + 11 days apart = 1 big party weekend. This was the 1st year the really wanted separate parties but they are close enough in age that I have now discovered they all hang together anyway and it just makes for one long weekend. Next year? Separate or not they will run concurrently! Guess what else I learned:
  • There are 6 yr olds in this world with cell phones and facebook accounts
  • They mostly live with their single moms
  • Boys will throw playdoh if they think they won't get caught...but the noise will give them away every time
  • Girls squeal. A lot. For no reason whatsoever.
  • Boys are awesome at jumping off the top of the bleachers and rolling down the hill. This makes them very dirty resulting in AMAZING tub rings.
  • When you think you are cool serving the girls donuts, know they will bitch when the boys get bacon and eggs the next morning.
  • While Inflation Nation may seem better (from your perspective) when it's not bursting at the seams, the children find it boring and will ask to go home 15 minutes after arrival.
We are off to LaserTag shortly and since the weekend is not over I'm sure I have more to learn. While I'm off discovering new things about 10 year old boys I'll just let you look at our Cheering photo and go Awwwww...

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  1. awwwww @ the poor puppy and awwwww @ the cute cheerleader.