Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let's get down to business, my peeps.

I feel better. Whining, bitching and moaning may have really helped. That and trying to overdose on sudafed sinus. Do you think Meth-heads get sinus headaches? Cause really, that' why it takes secret squirrel action to buy it right?

Let me ask you a question...You give me the answer and I'll let you in on secrets too. Do you know what "LAW" means on Facebook? No, it's not cops. Someone's nephew was using it. Alot. We googled it and it has been removed from wiki for being offensive and shockingly the 21 yr old doesn't know either. Someone help me out here.

And what can I tell you in exchange? Home Depot liiiiiieeees. They lie I tell you! Since I felt better I embarked on more house shit. I fixed the gate, painted half my deck furniture and moved on to the business of prepping the deck for staining.

It's done I tell you. I am 99.9% certain Dena will disagree once she arrives off the road. She seems to think that being the only female, or person period for that matter, with even an ounce of construction experience that she knows "stuff." You see where this is headed already right? I don't care. I said it's done so it's done.
I used the stripper and waited for it to do it's magic. It filled my head with magical fantasies and promised me delight unending - kinda like porn only way more practical. I scrubbed it like they said. I kept it moist. I gently hosed it off...It didn't really strip the deck. Nope. Not so much. But it did clean up the crappy parts and the deck cleaner I had to scrub with after wards to neutralize it made it seem like I got it very clean.

I'm certain that it will rain for days on end now. We hit emergency water restrictions in our county. No watering. At all. Anything. Not even the new baby plants I put in this week...I keep bumping into my neighbors sneaking and watering in the middle of the night when I go outside. Hopefully all those folks suffering with flooding in the midwest can count on their runoff helping our water tables soon.

Oh and that pic? Yeppers...Dena reads here too and know I can promise you I will know when she stumbles across this.

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  1. I don't get the LAW thing either. And I'm going to do a rain dance for you soon. We've had plenty up here lately, but most of the summer was hot and dry...