Monday, September 27, 2010

I thought it was awesome...

You know after popping out the 3rd bebe I opted for an IUD. My Dr was totally selling benefits and the idea of giving up my period seemed like a fan-tab-u-lous idea. What could possibly go wrong?
Well, they kept "losing" the damn thing which required ultrasounds to go find it. I ended up getting a nice little tumor removed along with an ovary and a tube...There is now speculation and some reports that this isn't uncommon with women who have chosen the to go with the mirena.

Eventually once it was time to remove it (after enduring another ultrasound and lots of time with my Dr digging around - OUCH!) I ended up having surgery to swap it out.

Not fun but I was still totally sold on not having a period so I got a new one They didn't "lose it." They checked and could find it each time. Yay, right? Well, the bastard "moved" and started causing some minor pain. The kind you could totally live with as long as you didn't ever enjoy great sex. We did some antibiotics and tried adjusting it. No dice. I had it taken out...which was not fun but sooooo much better than the first experience. Nowadays? I still think it's an awesome invention but am not sold on one for me.

Fast forward...3 months later of letting my body do it's thing isn't terrible. However, I totally wanted to stab my own abdomen the 1st month and swore to god someone stomped on my hips and back wearing steel toed boots during the night. Every night. For a week. As a result I do believe my family thought I was possessed. I convinced myself that a hysterectomy was a thing of beauty.

Lately though I reminded myself to listen to my body and give it what it needs rather than just trying to numb it all with drugs. Last month was better but holy hell it's time again. Already? When did a month get so friggin short!?! The only positive I feel is that all the bloating made me weigh in like a fat cow for our weight-loss contest which starts today. I guess that means it's a good day to be a girl?

I shall adjust. I guess going from not having a period in 7+ years to having one every month is just a bit more of a shock than I bargained for.


  1. Umm, excuse me...LOST IT?!? WHAT! AHH!

    I tell ya what, period pain is something that I wish we could inflict on enemies. It is horrific. Midol is my hero, though, for reasons that would take 1,000 years to explain, but involve having a hippie as a mother, I just recently found out that it was my hero. I can now never live without it!

    Hopefully these next few months things will start to regulate!

  2. Anonymous10/01/2010

    It just sucks, doesn't it?