Monday, October 4, 2010

Shit! It's Cold!

Remember this?

That whole unfortunate winter thing, wherein I walked around through the holidays and well into Spring with a broken hand...that hurt like a bitch? I do. That damn thing still hurts and I have a tiny little scar where the bones punctured the skin.

Being brilliant and all I went and checked out the Farmer's Almanac online to see what we have in store for us.

Why, you ask?

Cause It's freakin' cold here! I had the AC on last week and now I've had to pull out pants. I even gave in and passed on the flip flops today. Poor Sprout was shivering at the football game this weekend. I closed the pool this weekend. (I would have done it sooner but Dena likes to live in fantasy land. Where its warm and Sunny. Like Florida. And she begged me to leave it open 2 weeks ago when I wanted to close it.)

My plants are all confused. Seriously. When mowing the lawn yesterday I noticed my Forsythia is blooming. Really? Yes. In October.

I vote we skip winter all together. Who's in?

Winter, Back Off!


  1. Anonymous10/04/2010

    It's cold and rainy!! I can't stand it. Go away cold!

  2. hopped over from camlin's blogroll. i agree, lets skip winter altogether. all in favour?
    make today GREAT~