Thursday, May 20, 2010

Total Awesomeness I Tell You

No exciting dog stories today. With the apparent target on my forehead I decided to for-go tsking the dogs out today. I did go to a baseball game though with co-workers and had a great time...Tall, cold beer, lots of foul balls, a home run and lunch after. How do you top that? Well, after discovering algae in the pool you go nap in the shaded hammock of course, but that's not the awesome part.

My Diatamaceous Earth came yesterday. If you've paid attention here you'll know it basically ground up silica (natural and non-toxic) that slices and dices ants and other creepy crawlies that come in contact with it so I tried it out right away in the kitchen. We've been having World War III here with the ants this spring and this stuff is awesome! I am not using this word lightly. I put down a bit and they immediately turned their tiny asses around. I sprinkled the cracks along the wall and around the window and they came out like crazy...Then they gathered together and died. Normally we don't rejoice in death but this was amazing. I cleaned them up of course and had about 10 more huddled together this morning. No new ones seem to be arriving and I treated the perimeter of the house and yard today. I got this for the tick problem we seem to be having but was thrilled to learn it works on the ants too. It was like a Christmas bonus I tell you! These guys were living like the Pueblos in fancy condos all around my pool. They are going down like clowns! It's on!

Now of course ticks are hard to just come by but I'm hoping we won't see any more of them either. Perhaps if I remember I'll update you on it later in the summer. Cheers to natural, safe bug control!

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