Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So, I've seen some old photos flying around and I really do enjoy them. Here's one of me...I know my age. See the playpen? I was 17.I tossed my name in the hat today for a volunteer event at work. They are talking of seeking stories of folks who worked to overcome something in life that made success a bit more difficult. They are targeting at-risk youth in a predominantly poor, black neighborhood. I'm not black but figure if they are at a loss looking around our large team my story might just count. Getting knocked up at 16 and continuing on through school isn't easy. Anyway, hope you enjoy the shot of me...That baby girl will be 21 next month. Unbelievable. She's getting honor roll in her classes now!

And did you know I have bad-ass dogs? I do. Hell, I might sell you 3 out of 4 for 1 wooden nickel. Roscoe signed up for crate training and a belly band when he decided it's ok to pee in the house...Only when I go to work. Guess he has boundaries. Guess he doesn't think I need to work to feed him. Butters had an adoption event this weekend. I missed Z's game, dragged the son along and sat out there pretty much all day. What did she do? Show her ASS! She acted like she wanted to eat any dog that approached our booth. Needless to say she didn't get much interest. And Sprout? Well. That little bastard stood up to get to a stoneware dish I left on the stove for the eldest to wash. He turned on the stove as the child (yep, the almost 21 yr old) slept away not hearing a thing. My dish cracked in half down the middle. I'm keeping Layla. Anyone want the others? ;)

The boy will be home sick tomorrow. He woke with what looked like and allergy ro maybe Fifth's disease...a harmless virus that is very contagious. However, by the time symptoms show it's too late so I gave him an allergy pill, said a prayer and sent him to school. His Dad was summoned around 1pm and sen to the Dr so we can return him to school...Dr said, "yeah, he has a rash. keep him home tomorrow." Really? I paid a freakin co-pay that? Shit, I knew he had a rash. durrrrr.

I lost the weight loss contest...Someone won when I had 3 lousy pounds to go. I just couldn't seem to get them to budge. I've eaten crap for 2 days now though so I go back to the grind tomorrow. It's too bad. That money would have covered Roscoe.

Speaking of Roscoe-Paco-Daco, as his Mommy calls him; he's recovering nicely. He actually trotted across the yard today. He has a few more days of Lasix for the fluid/joint inflammation and a bit more that that of the doxycyclene but I'm pleased with how he's doing. I was worried. He was such a very sick boy. Next Thursday he goes for his first Heartworm shot, will spend the night there and get the second on Friday. I'll bring him home to begin his 30 days of crate rest next Friday afternoon. His neutering is scheduled for late in June and he'll get his Rabies at that time. I'm still trying to find lower cost immunizations for him but feel good that we are addressing all the life threatening stuff within the next 2 weeks. I still need more funds but as a friend of mine in rescue says, "Eh, me and Mastercard will work it out."

I'm headed to Atlanta for the weekend with D. Should be tons of fun...I'll take her mail, calendar, cigs and her dog...So far that's all that's on the list. lol


  1. I wish I had a tenth of your drive and determination, a pinch of your optimism and a whole bunch of your energy.

  2. Anonymous5/26/2010

    I really enjoy seeing old photos of the bloggers - it makes me feel a little closer. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glad Roscoe is doing better. We need to get you some more exposure to raise some more money for Roscoe. He deserves it and so do you!

    So glad you get to see D this weekend. Have a great weekend and TRY to relax!

  4. Anonymous5/26/2010

    Glad roscoe is doing better :-)