Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Z had a game tonight and she is a good little ball player. Fair or foul she gets a hit every game and often makes it to base. Not bad for a 6yr old playing for the first time.

He brother got to bring his bike and arriving early for her to practice allowed me to walk a few miles before the game...That damn weight loss competition is still going and I have sadly concluded that exercise is required for me to shed anymore. I took Piggy with me. She's great company and enjoys our walks together.

When we headed out to the game and I set up my chair a dog reacted badly to her. I said "No" and we sat quite a bit away. She was very good and showed no unacceptable reaction even as the dog continued to bark during the game. The owner eventually walked off with his dog. When they returned the dog was pulling on leash, had his back hunched and hackles up growling and barking at us. This ass-hat had the nerve to ask me if they could meet. I said no. He looked surprised and I said "No, Layla wouldn't like your dog" Layla was good again, got praised and the owner took his seat.

We were minding our own business and watching the game when that dog broke its leash and bum-rushed her. My 1st reaction was to pull her back but I was too late so I dropped her leash and let them go long enough to pull her off and snatch that dog up holding them arms length apart. By then the owner had dashed over and I remember him saying twice he had the dog before I let it go. They left and I was pissed.

There were a very few very obvious problem there...The owner did not have control over the dog or give any correction of re-direction for behaving aggressively to Piggy in the beginning. The dog was on an old retractable leash, undoubtedly the reason it broke and the dog had a collar with a plastic buckle, no good for strong pups.

I take my dogs out for training in public. You have to deal with reality once you've built some foundation to help them practice and hone their skills. I know my girl has issues which is why we don't greet strange dogs or strange people. With a strong secure collar and leash and a head collar when needed (and hell, even a muzzle when we started down this path together) I do my best to keep her and everyone around us safe. I don't think dude understands his dog or how to do this.

I told the kids after the game...they said they saw it. The ex chimed in and said everyone did. The game actually stopped for a moment. I was eager to leave and Layla was bitchy with Butters when we got home. No doubt a result of the fight but I expected it. I corrected her and now the girls are laying together on the bed....sigh

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