Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time Flies...

I looked over at my baby today and was shocked to see a little big girl before me! She will be 7 this fall and has lost more teeth in her class than anyone. She is not old by far but certainly not a little baby anymore. She is independent and leaning to do things for herself. She is by far the most helpful child here. She is a good little ball player and will be a cheerleader in the fall. I certainly do love that little person!

That boy has been around for almost a decade. I remember him constantly toddling around naked. Now you'll only see him close to naked if he's decided it would be funny to moon someone. He's looking forward to puberty though I am not. And for the love of pete he won't shut-up. Ever. I need to remind myself to enjoy it because in a few years that won't likely be the case.


  1. Anonymous5/28/2010

    LOL sounds like my boy. He talks and talks and won't stop. And yes, when he is a teen I problem won't be able to get him to talk. I have to remind myself of the same.

  2. You have awesome kids!

  3. Nice photos of your son will be 12 this month and he isn't talking as much anymore...he is really starting to change...physically and emotionally.

    Having a son is an adventure.