Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back from Hotlanta

I had a blast in Atlanta. We hit the Jazz Fest, ate lots of Mexican Food, enjoyed Perimeter Park, got our "hair did" and even tried out frog legs. Can't say I'm a fan but D loved 'em.

Roscoe was sooooo happy to see his Mommy he was beside himself! I think I can safely say he knows who's taking care of his ass for the moment because he insisted on waking me to go out or be fed. Silly me, I thought I was "off" for the weekend. The timing worked well because he is back to normal and since I snuck his 80lb ass in we had to climb the 4 flights of stairs each time he needed to go out. He wasn't a fan but he made it. He goes in for his heartworm treatment tomorrow morning and will come home Friday afternoon...Hopefully new bones will help him along on crate rest. You can see below Sprout has converted him and taught him the joy.

Butters is still here too. I'm surprised she hasn't gotten more apps and am beginning to wonder if she'll end up here. Not because we'll adopt her but she's been here longer than any Boxer and her age is a drawback. It seems to take special people to adopt knowing a dog likely only has 2-3 years of life left.

I bought a new dog bed on sale for $20 at Big Lots. This was quite a find being nylon, poofy and extra large...The kids like it better than the dogs thus far but we shall see. I got it for Roscoe but it's honestly about too poofy for his crate.

And how do you know when your kids like their rooms? Well, I picked up and rearraged while cleaning in the boys room...I swear I was only going to change the sheets. Yeah, I got carried away...And at the other end of the house I could hear him yelling, "OH! I love it! Love it! Oh I love you Beddy-bye!" Hysterical I tell you.

And he is letting his little sister tag along with him now-a-days. They are out and about within a 1 block area on a daily basis. This is very nice and gives everyone more freedom but I had a terrible realization today...They are close enough in age that in years to come they will be scoping out each others friends. Ugh! Maybe not yet, but I may need saving.

Oh, and wonder what the key is to your children not missing you when they go to Dad's and Mommy goes out of town? Yeah, jut don't tell them. I missed them more and they acted like they'd never left. Guess I'll give them their presents soon. ;)-

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