Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Excitement Thank I Bargained For...

Ooooh! After getting a new summer cut I decided to finallllllly follow through on my commitment to exercise today. Hating the idea of the gym I took the crazy route. I went home and leashed up 3 of 4 dogs (Roscoe isn't well enough to go yet) and set out with a goal of a mile. Sprout's knee surgeries and Butter's age provided the perfect excuses not to go farther.

Sprout and Layla wore their Gentle Leaders and Butters wore her Martingale Collar. Thank God! We walked. We jogged about a quarter of a mile (proof that smoking is bad) and walked some more. All was going great. People even commented when they saw me jogging along with 3 60+ pound well-behaved dogs but then we went down the dead end with the intention of turning at the end...Layla alerted me and Sprout went into attack mode with every hair standing on end. Two huge German Shepherd mixes came around their house and started charging for us. That shit soooo pisses me off but I was very proud of me and my crew! I pulled them back, told them to "leave it" and yelled "No, go home! to the other dogs...granted I was looking around for the biggest stick I could find too but thankfully never had to grab one. I was firm, loud and they all calmed down. The dogs still wanted to come over and Sprout still wanted to go after them but none of that happened. I kept telling the dogs "No!" and stepped forward as I kept mine back and they listened. I think that was a bit of luck but I'll take it. My crew headed back down the street with me and we arrived home safely without incident. We won't go that way again.


  1. Girl, you are soooo brave!

    Love the new "Do.

  2. Anonymous5/19/2010

    I love your hair color!

  3. Ohhhh LOVE IT!!! Now I am all jealous...the 27th can't get here soon enough!! GREAT Summer do though!!!!!!!! Loves!!!!

  4. Anonymous5/19/2010

    New do look great!

  5. holy shit. good day i would say!