Monday, May 17, 2010


Not so much. I've put the bitchy people to bed early and all the dogs are snoozing. I hate when the spend the weekend with their Dad and come home extra bitchy. It sucks to yell at people you love and haven't seen in 4 days.

Roscoe is still fairly ill and plodding around like an old drunk. At least he's not crying anymore and he's more steady on his feet. He's had a few accidents and has to "strsighten up and fly right" or get introduced to crate training. He's never been crate trained and doesn't need it except for the whole piss-in-my-house issue but with 4 dogs here that's enough to do it.

I put down milky spore in the yard and have ordered diatomaceous earth in an effort to kill off some of the ants and ticks I'm fighting a jihad with. Seriously, it's ridiculous. I'm hoping for the added benefit of cutting back on slugs and Japanese beetles too.

I enjoyed visiting with my sister and another friend this weekend but my heart was saddened to hear my nephew is struggling. Keep him in your heart and prayers. He could use a little extra help.

Yard work is constant and the pool is now used enough to be up for regular cleanings...That cleaning and mowing led to some bright pink skin. Can't mind the extra body heat though when it's dropped back to the 60's here and rained all day.

And I have more female issues to deal with...No ideas yet but an ultrasound and meeting with the Dr following coming soon. This time it's the uterus. I'd just as soon they take the darn thing and leave me with the one ovary I have left. I swear, unless you are having babies it's nothing but trouble. lol

The weight loss struggle, oops! I mean contest, trudges on too. Eight more pounds to go and they won't seem to budge. Ugh!

And I'm on the hunt for new hair...Summer is here and I refuse to ever really have a high maintenance style. Heat just intensifies the desire for short sassy hair that doesn't get in the way. My cut is awesome, but only if I fix it. That's not working out so much.


  1. You should go for the cut I am going for!!! We could be hair twins!!

  2. We just might be...I popped over to look at yours and it was one of the 10 on the list I downloaded. lol I'll post which I decide on.