Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I need YOUR help.

Yep, that's you I'm talking to...but more importantly, Roscoe needs your help.

Roscoe (pictured a couple of posts back) is a 2 yr old Black Lab/Pittie(?) mix. He spent the 1st year or so of his life living in an iron scrap-yard. D found him in the dead of winter without shelter, food or water. Afraid of people and totally representing the perfect junk-yard dog. She took it upon herself to drop him food and bring him water daily. When the winter worsened she built him a dog house and put some carpet in it. Eventually they learned to trust one another.

One day when dropping by with his food she found him with a huge gash on his leg as if he'd been slashed by a machete and decided then and there to take him to the vet. She paid for his medical bills, got his shots done and learned he was heartworm positive. He was put on preventative due to the cost of treatment knowing it would only prevent new worms and not kill off the adults that live 3-5 years and would continue to damage his heart. It was decided that she would treat him after some of his other bills were paid off.

She took him home, bought him a nice bed and taught him how to be a good house dog. He is beautifully behaved and listens very well. He is friends with every child, dog or cat he's ever met though he doesn't care for men.

Her work got shaky and eventually she and her peers were laid-off. Roscoe still hasn't gotten treatment and this is where you come in...

He is staying with me now and I would love to get him the treatment he needs and deserves and that she has not yet been able to provide. It would be a gift to me, to her and most importantly to him. I'm working to pull every string I have and hope you will help.

For example, I've managed to get him a free neuter appt with an $8 rabies shot. I'm going to get him into a micro-chip clinic where they will do that for $20. I'm going to call Southern States because I hear they will give him his other immunizations for much less than the vet would. The Heartworm Treatment is much, much more expensive though and obviously the most important. I was quoted $800 for a 3 phase treatment today which would be required due to the severity of his case. The meds are on restriction now due to a shortage but based on his age and the duration of infection he QUALIFIES. I just need the money. He's not with a rescue group so there's no one else to pay.

I had him at the vet today because he fell ill and he was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick bite. Not nice. He's on Doxycyclene and diuretics for 2 weeks and they'd like to do Heartworm treatment once he's recovered. I've set up a Chip-In Page in hopes that some, or all, of you would like to help with his vet bills. Today's visit cost me over $200 alone.

Please. Help me help Roscoe.


  1. Poor guy, that heart worm Rx is nasty but gets the right results. Wishing him the best.

  2. Anonymous5/13/2010

    Poor Roscoe, I hope he can get the care he needs.