Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did you get the map?

Holy Schnitzel! How is it even possible that March is upon us? No wait, it's actually here isnt it?

I have yet to plan out personal or professional goals for the year. I haven't planned vacations. There is so much I haven't done...but I can't complain. I rather like floating along from time to time and while I may not have made a to-do list here's just some the awesomeness we've done:
  1. Capital One Bowl and Florida Beaches
  2. Basketball games with the son - he won the last 2
  3. Lots of time working on our Mario skills on the Wii
  4. Taxes done!
  5. A new back door
  6. A new hot tub cover
  7. Plans to build a gate to keep dogs off new cover
  8. New floor for the girl
  9. Major pain-in-the-ass car trouble with lousy-ass service from Toyota
  10. Awesome service from Jiffy Lube
  11. The youngest got all E's and S's
  12. The middle earned a Bringing Up Grades & an Honor Roll Award
  13. The eldest starts college this month
  14. Baseball starts next week
  15. And I think Flag Football does too.
  16. Cotton got adopted
  17. I traded the puppies for Buttercup and got the bestest deal evah on that one

And while we saw some heavy wet snow last night my crew and I are still waiting on Spring

  1. Car's been cleaned inside and out
  2. flower beds cleared out and bushes trimmed
  3. back deck swept and hosed down - muddy feet you know
  4. General pick up complete
  5. pooper-scooping done

Come on Mother Nature! We miss you, love and will sing sweet songs to you. We will love you and never leave you! Come back! You are so much better then that ol bastard Winter.

  1. The flower bed are cleaned out and the bushes just to weed

1 comment:

  1. again, I am tired just reading this list.

    I finally pooper-scooped since the snow is gone and things dried up for like a day. It was quite the job after having all those pups in my house!

    Come on spring! My daffodils and irises are starting to poke up.