Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Miss Buttercup

It's like I won the lotto. There was 6 yr old pure-bred Boxer at a local kill shelter our group wanted to pull. Trouble is there are never enough foster homes (though our fearless leader is just about as close to being an expert at juggling dogs as you can get...and she has a soft spot for the older ones.) I volunteered to take her if we could get the puppies adopted out of my house in hopes it would buy her time.

Well, we moved them. Two suckers for babies - oops, I mean women - came to pick them up on Sunday and Miss Buttercup was dropped off in her place by another woman. I went, in one day, from 2 crying/peeing/pooping babies to one 6 yr old girl. I can't say I was heartbroken.

She was picked up as a stray. It took them 2 weeks to catch her and get this...she's house trained, know sit, down and paw and who knows what else. She loves the kid and likes the cats. She gets along with Sprout. She's a real gem. One the likes of you don't often see doing rescue work. She doesn't even have any medical issues. If she's here long it would be through a strange twist of fate. Anyone with half a brain looking to adopt a Boxer would be a fool not to snatch her up. This is a gift for me as I'm so busy at work I may go mad. Not having to clean a crate daily is awesome.

Miss Piggy is her usual bitchy self but hopefully with some time and work even she will accept her. Miss Buttercup doesn't need to be crated - except to keep her our of Layla's clutches.


  1. Oh she sounds perfect. I wish I could take her :)

  2. Have I told you lately that I love what you do?!?! I wish I could take her too. I wish I could take them all!

  3. You are so kind hearted to do what you do.

  4. I was never much of a dog lover until Socks came into our lives.

  5. Buttercup...such a sweet name!