Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mama knows

Z hosted a party for her friends today...the imaginary ones. She "cooked" clementines and arranged them on a swirly plate. She held it up in high fashion and told me she was the waitress. She asked me to guard it from the roving swipers, cause they are like a gang. You gotta watch out for those 4 legged gangs.

Then she decided she did not want to eat the clementines but would rather have hand squeezed juice...Mom said no. ..Juiced squirted in her eye.Mom said, "see, one more reason to listen."

Then the real drama started...Ever heard that Millie Jackson song? The one about being careful about lighting fires across town because if you're not careful it will beat you home? That shit happened today. The eldest's childhood friend showed up at my house with her mom claiming a boy they were hanging out with stole her rent money.

The story changed, the amount changed, no one knew any one's last name because her Mom was talking about pressing charges. I feel kinda bad for the Mom. (This child has told tall tales since birth and managed to get put out of her Mom's house.) But here they were saying how she had been so good for so long and how she needed to get this money back...Well shit, I didn't take it. It's not here. C didn't take it. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Apparently C was still running around town with these boys so I told them to come here and handle this business. The boys cut and run of course and sent my daughter home to face it all alone. She tried to cut and run to her room and I jumped her ass. My point was if this girl is sitting in your house telling lies about you then you call her on it. She figured none of it mattered because the Mom wouldn't believe her anyway.

Either way, G is out her rent money and they are both out a friend. Whether the boys actually stole the money or not I don't know. I know I don't know them and will likely never meet them now. Life serves some nasty lessons sometimes. I sure as shit hope both girls were taking notes.

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  1. Anonymous3/04/2010

    Drama is always fun *sarcasim* Yes, definat lessons to learn. That sucks for the mom but a lesson to learn for her too. Make sure you hide your money.