Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It was late but it is here. The snow you know. We'll get a few more inches.

As I look out my white curtained kitched window I faintly see the huge oak in my neighbors back yard.

The snow on my deck is up to the tops of my pots that will once again spillover with beauty come summer.

I have a sinus infection and a light calendar today so the snow bunnies and I will stay home. Come on summer!


  1. We only get Rain Days in the Pacific North West, and they never close anything for rain.

  2. We actually closed for that once too. Of course the rain came with a hurricaine but...hell, I'll take the snow! I was 9 months pregnant, had to boil water for safety and was without electricity for 3 weeks. Come on snow! Bring it!

  3. I'm so over the snow we've had here in NJ as well.