Friday, February 12, 2010

I's gotz Good Kidz

My little people made honor roll. Again. The list of compliments they get is long and they really are so much easier than their older sister ever was...Let's hope she makes honor roll once she starts school next month...and that they continue to do so well.

The fam was over for dinner and some Mario time. As we discussed report cards my niece was airing complaints that the kids in "c" classes (aka average) don't like her much because she gets all A's without studying...She's in honor classes and always honor roll too. Then, out of the blue, loudly, Miss Z pipes up and says "Oh my gosh! You're a nerd!" My sister almost fell out with surprise and laughter, the niece looked slightly embarrassed but took it in stride and we all wondered about her making that connection...I hope the nephew's card was good too. We have to wait to see as the nephew is absent - off to the Olympics with his Dad. Slacker.

And you must know the infamous V-Day parties are in full effect this week. I just loooove it when they come home hopped up on sugar like itty bitty crackheads! It makes the evenings so much fun. Though I must say my son is so cool! He bought X-Men Valentines this year and realized after sitting down to address all 22 that they don't have enough "girl cards" in those boxes. His solution? He said he "didn't like it but he just had to" take his sister's leftover Barbie Valentines to address to some girls. So the boys all got X-Men, those he deemed sporty girls got the girl X-Men cards and the "girly girls" got Barbie cards...It wasn't that he didn't have 22 Valentine's in his original purchased box. He just didn't have 22 cards that he thought would make each person happy. You go boy!

Still waiting to see if Cotton has found his forever home or not...Keep crossing your fingers for him.


  1. fingers Xed... good son! way to be thoughtful! :)

  2. Yeah, I love that sugar rush!

  3. I admit to a great deal of relief that my daughter's school is Montessori and doesn't celebrate holidays or even Valentine's Day, etc.

    They do celebrate earth day, though...