Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cloudy days...

Ugh...Snow is pretty but even I am tired of wondering on a daily basis if the children will have school. So far they've only taken 1 holiday from a neighboring county. I don't know if my kids will get to keep their upcoming holidays or not. Report cards were to have come home last week. They might this week.

The snow missed us today. We got rain instead. It may change over but we shall see. I'd be more excited if I could stop thinking of the impending mud. Dogs, mud and clean houses just don't mix.

Speaking of dogs, Cotton is still on his trial run. I hear they love him. He met a family pet today though and I hear it did not go well. This does not feel like a good omen. Cotton is a good dog and I'm not sure what went awry. I wonder if the pups were not introduced properly. Our trainer is calling them tonight. Fingers crossed he hasn't hit a roadblock. If he has his space is open here, for just as long as he needs. Cross your fingers for him.


  1. Fingers and toes crossed!

  2. Awww shoot. Fingers crossed!