Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's that time of year...

That being the time I go stir crazy waiting for Spring and over-commit in an effort to overcome boredom...thereby making myself crazier. I guess recognizing the pattern is a step in changing it.

I hate Toyota by the way. I no longer want to pin down the service manger to his desk and stab him in the neck but I'm still not happy. That little pain in the ass car repair that cost me $300 and was not under warranty did not fix the problem. When I took it back for what was to be quick "VIP service" I waited all day only to have them ask me for another $1000.00. The bastards have agreed to not charge labor, get me a rental car and give me a discount on the part due to crappy-ass service and a failure to fix it right the first time. I'm not sure if taking a few hundred off is enough or not. I'm debating this with my self now...

Cotton got adopted! It was all finalized yesterday...just in time for Sophia and Blanche (2 8-week old Boxer mix puppies) to arrive. Their foster Mom had a problem pop up so they came to me. (I think there's a trend there.) You may remember I had their Mom, Amber, for a hot minute earlier this month...And due to a similar situation. She was adopted very quickly. The babies are very cute but like all babies they pee, poop and cry. Alot. I'm happy to say they don't do that in the crate and so it should make them easier once they learn their new routine. Now, just to let them grow enough that they can't pop through the picket fence. ;)

There's too much work at work and regrettably I signed up to plan and help run a volunteer event. Stuff is out of balance and I have to fix that. No one can do it for me...As much as it goes against my nature I think I'm going to have to re-nig on some commitments.

And I promise puppy pics for you soon.


  1. Anonymous2/17/2010

    My next car was going to be a toyota. Then all this shit has been going on with them and thinking, better now. Hope things work out with your car.

    yay for Cotton, so happy for him!

    Good luck with the pups

  2. I've been seeing a lot of people talking about Spring lately. Hope it comes quickly for you.

    Yippee on the Cotton adoption. That has to make you feel so good knowing you helped in getting Cotton ready for his forever home.

    And yes, on those puppy pictures.

    You take care.

  3. Hooray for Cotton! Boo to Toyota.

    Waitin' for puppy pics.

    Spring....ahhh! Just around the corner.

  4. Anonymous2/18/2010

    Hurry up and bring the Spring!!! I'm having serious hate issues with Old Man Winter. I'm not a big fan of Mother Nature these days either.

    What's up with Toyota?? They fell hard and fast - it's sad. Today there's word of power steering issues with the Corolla and people are losing control of the steering on highways. wtf?!

    Puppy pictures do make everything better, so please spread the joy.