Thursday, February 18, 2010

I bring you puppy pictures but here's a lesson for ya too...

Heart worm season is fast approaching and you should have your dog on preventative. These sweet babies were born to a Mommy that while a beautiful, pure-bred Boxer, was infected. The treatment for heart worms involves poisoning your dog with arsenic to kill the worms and requires crate-rest. Expensive and no fun for the dog or you.

Today I'll give you one more reason to suck it up and do the monthly pill...Cotton's adoption was finalized but I got a worried call from his new Mommy this week. He loves snuggling with them in bed but woke her 2 mornings in a row by vomiting beside her head. Certainly made my stomach turn. After a trip to the vet it was determined that he had a "heavy load" of hookworms.

I popper scooped the yard and had my dogs checked. They got the all clear. What I learned is that Heart worm preventative is 98% effective at keeping your dog free of heart, hook and round worms. The heart worm medicine will keep your dog safe from heart worms for about 45 days but the other part is a one-day, one-shot dose to kill any other parasites in the system...So, Cotton McLovin got his monthly dose and likely picked up the hookworms after...Just a few days shy of his next dose he developed symptoms and went to the vet.

He's on a bland diet, got a shot to stop his vomiting and medicine to kill the hook worms. His yard is being scooped...Your dog OR you pick them up by stepping on infected poop or contaminated soil. Nastily enough the hook worms can live in infected soil which is why the pooper scooping is paramount. Eeewww. Suck it up, get your meds for your pup and to help out Visit for offer on Free basic shipping for orders over $35 and save up to 30% on Advantage, Heartgard and Interceptor heart worm, flea and tick medications.

Go do it now...Your pup and your checkbook will thank you.

And for those who asked of my Toytoa fiasco? As for the truck, the emissions line broke under the truck and they said there was "evidence of an accident" and wanted me to get my insurance company to pay for the repair. Kicker is that I didn't hit anything so far as I can tell. After dropping $300 and their having my truck for 2 days all the lights (4wd, traction & check engine light) came back on.

I took it back and they said they would put it 1st in line since I'd just had it in for the same issue. They had no info when I called them mid-afternoon to find out what was up. At 4.30 when I called them after checking in a couple of times they told me the carbon filter was broken and I'd need to pay them $1300 to have it repaired after they ordered the part which would require a deposit…then they brought up the insurance company again.

A little icing for me was that when I picked it up they failed to plug in my clock to my dashboard and when I asked them to do so the guy talked me like I was a "stupid girl" who just didn't know how to set it. He admitted they didn't hook it back up but no apology.

When I tried to address all this with the manager he tried to go on about how tired they were because they were all overworked due to the re-call. That didn't sit well with me either. I wasn't interested in excuses and only wanted to address how they might make amends for leaving me without my car for 3 days and not even correctly diagnosing and correcting the problem I brought it in for. And treating it like it wasn't a big deal because I might try to get my insurance company made me mad because it still did not answer the problem and whether they were paying or not I still deserve the same level of service.

Long story short and 1 temper tantrum later, I will have a rental car while they repair it, will not pay for labor and am getting discounts on the parts.


  1. I can smell puppy breath! They are so f'n cute.

  2. Anonymous2/18/2010

    How freaking adorable are those puppies!!!!!

    You go girl on the car. Damn I would be pissed too!

  3. Glad all the doggies are in the clear. And OH MY GOD those puppies are ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I want one!!!

    And that sucks about your car. Ugh. Bad customer service is the worst.

  4. Those pups are adorable!!!

    I hate mechanics that talk down to you, just because you're a woman. Yeah, I'm a woman with no man and my own car. Deal with it.

  5. Anonymous2/22/2010

    Thank you for the adorable puppy pictures! Perfect for a Monday!!