Monday, February 8, 2010

More Snow...

The snow did come as predicted...That changed the weekend plans but being kid-free allowed for plenty of fun even though I could not go sledding. They are calling for another 5-8 inches tomorrow I hear but I predict that as soon as my hand heals the temps will not drop below 60 in the Mid-Atlantic region. I thought about cross-country skiing until I realized I'd have to be able to use the poles well with 2 hands to find success. I go for more x-rays next week.

Our office closed early Friday facilitating a showing of The Hangover at my house with my sis, eldest and Dena. That movie is friggin awesome!!! No one helped me understand how awesome and the joy I was missing...I know now and it may go down as one of my all-time faves! We went to Galaxy for brunch, which was fab as always, played hours of Wii and I skunked Dena at cards. The Superbowl was awesome. Schools are still closed here and I broke my truck...Seems having 4WD on your SUV is not an invite to travel around town in "weather." Despite my undercarrige being coated in ice it somehow thawed enough to drop a "line." After dropping it at the dealer today I learned I tore up my emissions system. Damn ice! How many days until summer?


  1. damn...that's too bad about your truck

  2. Anonymous2/08/2010

    that sucks about your truck. Yeah we are suppose to get hit again after all the snow we just got. Wish it would just go away!

  3. I think all of the snow that usually falls in Ontario ended up where you live. We have barely anything.

    Sorry to hear about your truck.

  4. Anonymous2/09/2010

    NY is going to get hit with a blizzard tomorrow so I'm def. taking a snow day. yay.

    My BIL goes on and on about The Hangover - now I'm intrigued.

    Sorry about your truck! How awful.

  5. Beautiful pic though lol